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Hjälm X-Lite X803 Ultra carbon Replica Stoner Superhero

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Art.Nr: 2684816056

The X-803/X-803 Ultra Carbon sets new standards in the segment of the super sporty race-replica helmets.
It was developed in close coordination with the brand's factory drivers in international racing and is ready to race in all details.

  • Greater stability at high speeds through improved aerodynamics including an optimized, adjustable Spoilersegments on the back of the helmet
  • Appreciably extended chin for more comfort
  • Particularly large field of view: On the sides extended helmet shell and "Ultrawide" visor (including quick change option and Pinlock ® inner visor)
  • More security through the Nolan Emergency release System (NERS) for easy removal of cheek pads after a fall
  • Cheek pads available in various thicknesses with innovative "Steadyfit" for the best fit of the helmet in every race situation
  • Exclusive carbon fitting racing experience-lining: The activated carbon fibres are particularly breathable, 100% natural, bacteriostatic and antistatic without prior treatment
  • The ultra-carbon version provides additional weight reduction (up to 110 g compared to the already extremely light X-803) Thanks to its extra light carbon fibre shell.
  • Equipped with double action rocker on the left side of the visor: 1. Ventilation position, 2. Locking
  • Double D-Ring chin strap closure for minimum weight

With the X-803 X-lite shows what is possible with racing helmets of the upper class. The completely newly developed successor model of the popular X-802RR scores with numerous improvements - these range from a highly optimized aerodynamics and ventilation through an even wider field of vision to a significant increase in wearing comfort. In addition, the X-803 offers the new Nolan Emergency Release System (NERS) for more safety by quickly removing the cheek pads in case of a fall.

The interior of the X-803, made from the carbon fiber high-tech Carbon Fitting Racing Experience, is responsible for the best driving comfort and an always pleasantly fresh feeling in the helmet. Not only does it provide the best levels of breathability, it is also anti-static and bacteriostatic (even without further treatment).

Like every X-lite race replica helmet, the X-803 has been optimized for maximum safety, maximum racing functionality and minimal weight. For example, the standard version of the X-803, equipped with an outer shell made of "composite fiber", can boast record-breaking low values on the scale. For a further weight advantage of up to 110 grams (depending on helmet size) compared to the standard model provides the variant X-803 Ultra Carbon, whose outer shell is made entirely by hand from extra-light carbon fiber fabric.



  • extra wide field of view thanks to "ultrawide" visor (including quick-change option and Pinlock® inner visor)
  • optional: 2D racing visor, prepared for tear-offs


  • exclusive "Carbon Fitting" technology for interior upholstery: the active carbon fibers used are particularly breathable, 100% natural, bacteriostatic and antistatic without prior treatment
  • cheek pads available in various thicknesses with an innovative "steady fit" for the best fit of the helmet in every racing situation


  • separately adjustable air inlets on the forehead, head and chin of the helmet and air vents on the sides and under the spoiler ensure optimum air circulation inside the helmet
  • improved opening flaps and higher-flow valves provide maximum fresh air when needed for breathing and around the driver's head


  • double-d ring closure for minimal weight and maximum safety

Special Equipments:

  • equipped with "Double Action" rocker on the left side of the visor: 1. Ventilation position, 2. Lock


NERS - NOLAN EMERGENCY RELEASE SYSTEM (patent pending): This system, patent pending, allows emergency teams to remove the cheek pads from the helmet while it is still being worn by the motorcyclist by simply pulling the red tapes attached to the front of the pads themselves.

LATERAL VISIBILITY: Compared to its predecessor (the X-802RR model), the X-803 has been improved in terms of lateral visibility. Consequently, it is able to offer improved riding comfort and increased active safety.

PINLOCK® FOG-RESISTANT INNER VISOR: Thanks to the patented adjusting system, the stretch of the Pinlock® inner visor can be adjusted, acting from the exterior of the visor, without the necessity of removing. The Full Silicone Border (FSB), adopted under licence from Pinlock®, allows first of all for an increase in the size of the air chamber located between the helmet exterior and interior, thus further reducing the risk of fogging; secondly, it reduces the risk of scratches to the visor.

DOUBLE ACTION: Device allowing the visor lock (to prevent accidental visor opening at high speeds) or visor demisting at low speeds or stops (by a minimum visor opening).

RACING AIR FLOW (RAF) VENTILATION SYSTEM: The result of experience and testing in the wind tunnel and on track, it is made up of: indirect entry upper air intakes; direct entry front air intake; high flow rate chin guard intake with defogging function; front protection with integrated aerodynamic vent; side air extractors; rear extractor, integrated in an aerodynamic spoiler with adjustable profile (ASD – Adjustable Stability Device).

ADJUSTABLE STABILITY DEVICE (ASD): Compared to its predecessor (the X-802RR model), the X-803 has been improved in terms of stability at high speeds, due in part to the complete revision of the rear spoiler. The adjustable spoiler profile for the adaptation of the aerodynamics of the helmet according to various ride positions and driving styles has been confirmed.

WEARABILITY: Compared to its predecessor (the X-802RR model), the X-803 has improved wearability in the chin area: the chin guard has been slightly elongated, to offer increased levels of static and dynamic comfort.

CARBON FITTING RACING EXPERIENCE” COMFORT INNER PADDING WITH INNOVATIVE NET CONSTRUCTION: The comfort inner padding is made with active carbon filaments, a thermoregulatory, antistatic and dissipative element. The liner, with an innovative net construction, aids the movement of air around the upper part of the head which thus stays cool and dry. The inner padding is additionally made up of lateral cheek pads (left and right) and lining straps which are all completely removable and washable.

SINGLE-BLOCK CHEEK PADS: The internal padding in expanded foam for the cheek pads has been designed in order to provide superior even pressure and consistent performance over time compared to traditional padding. It can also be removed from its fabric coverings in order to make washing of the latter easier.

BREATH DEFLECTOR: Clearly inspired by rain masks used in racing, it is an efficient accessory as it limits fogging.

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