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Handskar Halvarssons Supreme Herr/Dam

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Art.Nr: 65113000

Halvarssons Supreme Korta Skinnhandskar för herrar och damer.


MC-Handskar som är gjorda av getnappa. Handskarna är förstarkta med HI-ART. Handskarna är CE-godkända och har hårda knogskydd. Handskarna är reglerbara i handled. Finns i storlkarna 8-14 (herr) och 6-7 (dam).

HI-ART® is a proprietary material developed by us. We use the material in especially vulnerable areas to increase abrasion resistance. It makes leather 200 per cent stronger and textiles no less than 500 per cent stronger. You can compare the material to cutting a piece of wood; it’s much easier to cut across the grain than with it. We are extremely proud of our invention and being alone in offering the market this solution.

Maximum Comfort FIT technology in gloves laminates the liner and membrane with the outer shell for a perfect fit and prevents the liner from following the hand when removed.

The CE label shows that the product complies with an approved safety standard based on advanced testing and accident studies. Further details at

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