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Sidoväskor Par Gobi 37 Liter Silver Hepco & Becker

5 679 kr
Art.Nr: 610083-00-09

GOBI is the answer to all questions after 35 years of motorcycle case development and production. The aim of the development was to create a more robust alternative to a pure aluminum case.

In the case of a pure aluminum box, a lintel is usually associated with damage which leads to functional limitations. The HEPCO&BECKER GOBI is made of high-impact, dyed plastic. The double-walled special shell is extremely resistant, waterproof and absorbs impacts and unwanted ground contacts. Stability also contributes to the fact that the GOBI case as a top loader consists of a piece with lid and not of 2 individual shells.

Another advantage of a top loader: since it is loaded from above, nothing can fall out when opening. Gobi: the reference class for extreme travelers and also for everyday use.

  • The top loader - reference class for extreme travelers
  • Double walled special tray
  • Made of high-impact, dyed plastic
  • Absolutely watertight by special seal
  • Side case with approx. 3.5l liquid reservoir between the shells
  • Stable metal locks
  • Case with a strong lock for attachment to the carrier
  • Extensive range of accessories available
  • Recommended load: 10kg per case (please check info of the model specific side carrier for limitations)
  • For all Hepco & Becker sidecar carriers
  • Including keys and locks
  • Helmet does not fit into the side case
  • Luggage set consisting of right / left
  • Can also be delivered to existing topcases
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