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Stompgrip Universal

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Art.Nr: Stompgrip-Universal
Bättre grepp på tanken!

STOMPGRIP Traction Pads för hojen gör det lättare att få grepp om motorcykeln och gör därför körningen mindre energikrävande.


  • Ökad kontroll, bättre kontakt mellan förare och motorcykel.
  • Minskad utmattning i armarna. Mer grepp för underkroppen ger mindre påfrestning för överkroppen.
  • Finns i transparant och svart.
  • Vulkanformade grepptaggar.
  • Transparanta så att lack och dekaler syns igenom.
  • Icke-slipande material. Designade att slitas ner och bytas ut (typ som däck) och sliter däför inte på skinnställ som tex: grepptejp.
  • Rundade kanter motverkar att dem lossnar.
  • Super starkt 3M lim.
50-10-0001 - Transperant 50-10-0002 - Transperant
50-10-0001B - Svart 50-10-0002B - Svart

"At first you notice the nubs on the Stomp Grips pressing into your legs and they feel weird. As you become used to the nubs, you still notice them but they inspire confidence. Finally you stop noticing them, and will never think about them again until you try to ride a bike without them!”

“If I owned this machine, the first modification I’d make would be to add a set of Stomp Grips to the tank, because you can hang off the beast until your ear drags. As good as the suspension is, traction between your outside knee and the tank quickly becomes the single most important factor in your level of confidence.”

Track Day Magazine (

“Just as Stomp Design claimed, the Traction Pads provided me with added grip when fully leaned over and helped to reduce fatigue by lessening the amount of energy needed to hold on while hanging way off the bike. It was most noticeable in long sweeping corners, like Willow’s turn two. The Stomp pads were the difference between crawling all over the bike in an attempt to hang off – and not fall off – and leaning off as far as I dared.”
Where the traction pads really excelled was in the leather wear department. All of the previous methods I have tried resulted in severe wear, and even holes, on the inside-knee-area of my leathers. These did nothing of the sort. After a full weekend of use, my leathers looked no worse for the wear and the Stomp pads provided as much grip as any leather-destroying methods I have tried in the past.”
- Road Race World

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